SAINt JHN dropped new track ‘Gorgeous’, an ode to the finer things in life in the build-up to a new album due to drop later this month.

Beginning with an overused autotune, I instantly found myself sighing, thinking ‘not again’! SAINt JHN starts off on a sour note though as the track progresses it’s hook becomes infectiously catchy though reliant on its energy.

His flow cannot be faulted, as he glides over a beat you can sense belief in and his commitment to storytelling is apparent. Though the track delivers a hard flow and content you can visualise in a world he pits us against shamelessly, it is let down by an autotune that is just begging to be taken out the back and be put down.

Campaign seeks global movement that asks 1 billion people to take steps towards a greener lifestyle.

With backing from businesses including HSBC, Ikea and BT, the campaign is asking for 1 billion people to sign up and pledge to make small lifestyle changes that will help reduce the risk of climate breakdown.

It asks people to take simple steps such as shopping and banking with companies that are reducing their carbon footprint, repurposing clothes, buying an electric car or eating locally and seasonally.

The initiative has partnered with the likes of Global Citizen, United Nations and TED talks. …

Beginning with ‘Airbourne Ashes’ New York-based artist ‘Eartheater’ trembles over guitar strings and an ’80s like sound with morbidly beautiful lyrics simplified for maximum impact. Wailing through a touching storylike melody, she charms her way into the song, taking her time to reach motive.

The second offering, ‘ Metallic Taste of Patience ‘ makes use of strings and flirts with a cinematic appeal. A strong undertaking that remains calm until its meaningful point emerges into a solo violin that controls attention with its short appearance.

The album feels like you’re trapped in a coma that strangely feels comfortable, almost trance-like through beautiful synths and strings on songs like ‘ Below the Clavicle’. PFADUMS surprises, and can abruptly change as it does when an intermission track ‘ Burning Feather’ interrupts. …

ASAP Ferg produces a new album of background music and demonstrates little on an offering that feels both rushed and dated.

Opening with two equable tracks, ASAP enables verse establishing himself over songs named after celebrities Marilyn Manson and Dennis Rodman, dispatching an effortless verbal showcase. Bragging of the usual camaraderie elements that include jewels, misogyny and riches, these tracks though not unusual, gain respect through its production. The 10 track album opens as it means to go on, gracing speakers with lyrics that seem like they were pulled from a leftover writers auction or put together in haste.

The small haul of tracks shows some signs of promise, as a southern style beat opens up on featuring Mulatto. The content…

A new coal mine set to open in Cumbria has been given the go-ahead despite calls to scrap it. The new initiative described as a ‘deep coal mine’ is a slap in the face for targets to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. Something the UK government has promised to achieve.

The government has put a temporary pause to the plans, but it is not expected to be permanent. These promises are broken by an acceptance to allow its opening years after the majority of coal mines were shut in the UK. It is expected the site will produce 2.7 million tonnes of coal annually.

A report from the Times claims a vaccine for the Coronavirus strain, COVID-19, could be available within 3 months to be rolled out over Easter.

It is likely the most vulnerable will be given priority access to the jab in news that comes as a surprise with faster than anticipated results. Research has attracted widespread global interest to develop a countermeasure.

The EMA (The European Medicines Agency) announced it had begun a ‘rolling review’ of data from the producer AstraZeneca in collaboration with the University of Oxford. In a press statement, they said: “The start of the rolling review means that the committee has started evaluating the first batch of data on the vaccine, which come from laboratory studies (non-clinical data). …

Lockdown has been the downer we expected. Though in the face of such adversity comes new forms of melodious satisfaction we we’re not always privy to.

Yes, as bad as it feels to say, political upheaval and tough times generate a salmon run of masterful music, ready to be absorbed by those of us who have felt the brunt of such sadness.

AyiTe & KdotMelody finally get together for a track recorded in lockdown about the woes and isolation of the current era, tuning each other over a cloud-like production in what feels like perfect symmetry. This underappreciated gem feels more like a classic you’ve heard before, a sign of its quality flooding with lyrical overflow.

“I’d like to thank you for tapping into my frequency. So please take your shoes off and then proceed this way, to my house”

Throughout the internet, the Hip-Hop community feels more like a…

United Nations briefing warns of dire consequences if donations from countries with responsibilities are not reinstated.

The United Nations says a lack of donations is threatening to collapse Yemen into another famine. According to Mark Lowcock, a UN humanitarian official, donations have been drastically reduced citing the UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia as responsible for the cuts. “Unfortunately, those who are in a position to help — and who have a particular responsibility to do so — are mostly choosing not to,”

Parents in Yemen are unable to feed their children any more. Mohammed told me, every night his children ask him: “Daddy, where is the food — when is it coming?” He doesn’t have an…

Destructive patterns revealed in chilling video.

Talent, Oregon — Drone footage published by Reuters shows the extent of fire damage and the extremes taken to control them.

The footage shows roads stained in red flame retardant, flowing into driveways of homes that have been burnt to a crisp.

The fire of Almeda in Talent, Oregon has left homes in ruin causing billions in damage. It is estimated the 2018 fires caused $24 billion worth of damages, and the extent of this year’s destruction is yet to be calculated.

The disaster in Oregon alone has destroyed more than 1 million acres of land, displacing 10% of the population.

Yesterday President Trump dismissed Climate Change as a cause of the disaster, in a press session that displayed little concern for citizens of the west coast.

Originally published at on September 16, 2020.

Climate emergency worsens as symptoms of ecological breakdown begin to surface, causing widespread concern for a rise in sea level.

One of Greenland’s largest ice-sheets, Nioghalvfjerdsfjorden (or 79N), part of the Spalte Glacier measuring 113 square km has shattered and broken away into smaller pieces.

The ice-sheet has long been predicted to break away from the glacier due to increased ocean temperatures. Oceans absorb heat from the sun, but too much can melt land and sea ice and can acidify the ocean killing marine life.

Researchers and scientists from Norway and Germany wrote in a paper for Nature predicting the break-away two years ago remarking that variability was not a factor in the reduction of ice loss. “An increased ocean…


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